Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cool Art: 'The Secret Of NIMH' by Erica Williams

'The Secret Of NIMH' by Erica Williams.

The poster is an 18" x 24" print in a limited edition of 135 and costs $65 with 1 random letterpress print or $100 with all three letterpresses. The letterpresses are 9” x 12” limited releases of 85, 65 and 55, and will go on sale at a random time on Monday January 27 via Odd City Entertainment.
"When asked if I would be interested in making a poster for 'The Secret of NIMH', the little girl in me started jumping up and down screaming with glee. It was an honor to get the chance to illustrate a poster for the Don Bluth classic that meant so much to me as a young child, and remains today an amazing piece of animated film to be cherished. Please enjoy!” - Erica Williams
Follow them on Twitter @OddCityNews and @HookieDuke for the on sale announcement, and check out the poster and letterpresses below.